The academy was introduced by the club in 2018.

Its sole purpose was to introduce Men, Women and Children to golf whilst keeping the costs to a minimum.

All the required equipment is supplied by the Professionals shop so there is no need to have anything up front.

For a small fee, Darren or his assistant will provide a minimum of 6 group lessons. Once they are happy you know what you are doing, you will be given free use of the academy course on the practice area.

When you feel you are ready please ask Darren or Peter if they can accompany you on to the course to explain some of the rules and etiquette.

If they agree you are ready we will then give you 2 months free use of the course, but you must organise this with the professional shop. During this 2 month period if you want to become a member you can join for 6 months on a reduced rate.

The reduced rate is only available once and any additional lessons after the group lessons should be agreed with Darren or Peter and paid for.

After the 6 months trial is completed you can become a full or 9-hole member.

Whilst learning the game it is important you don't expect to much as golf takes many years to master.

If you find that you are not enjoying it because you have nobody to play with ask the Pro shop or Club Secretary if they can organise for somebody to have a game or two with you.

With any sport practice make perfect.

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